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Device Grading

All devices are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are graded correctly. Unless otherwise stated, our phones are not packaged in the original box and they do not come with a charger or accessories. For details on our device testing process, please visit our Device Testing page.

At X2TECH, we only sell fully functional devices.  All devices are thoroughly tested and professionally cleaned.

Below is a detailed overview of our Device Grading classifications:

As New: These phones have no visible marks whatsoever.  Many of our 'As New' phones are actually brand new and if the phone has been refurbished to an 'As New' standard, it will have a brand new battery.

Pristine (Grade A): Our 'Pristine' iPhones have minimal signs of wear.  Any scratches will be faint and not noticeable during everyday use.

Excellent (Grade B): 'Excellent' iPhones have light signs of wear which may include scuffs and scratches to the screen and housing. Scratches will not be deep but the signs of wear will be noticeable.

Good (Grade C): Our 'Good' graded iPhones will have moderate signs of wear. This may include scuffs and scratches to the housing and screen. There are obvious signs of use.

Average (Grade C-): Officially a Grade C iPhone, we have recognised that there are heavier signs of wear than our usual 'Good' graded phones so have reclassified them to 'Average'.  They are still fully functional, thoroughly tested and professionally cleaned.  If you're just after a cheap fully functional phone then these are the ones to go for. Usually, the wear is to the back of the phone so if you use a case, most signs of wear will be hidden.