Device Grading

All devices are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are graded correctly.  For details on our device testing process, please visit our Device Testing page.

At X2TECH, we only sell fully functional devices. The difference in grades is just due to cosmetic appearance.

No cracked or chipped screens. No cracked housing.

All devices are thoroughly tested and professionally cleaned.

We take pride in our grading process and believe that our grading levels are up there with the strictest in the market. Like with our service, we believe that our customers deserve the best levels.  See what our customers have said about the condition of their X2TECH iPhones in our real reviews here on Trustpilot.

When grading the phone we consider the overall condition and the extent of any specific signs of wear.

Below is a detailed overview of our Device Grading classifications:

New:  Brand new and factory sealed. The box has never been opened.

As New (Grade A+): These iPhones are refurbished and have no visible signs of wear, even when you look closely. There will be no visible difference between these and brand new iPhones.

Pristine (Grade A): Our 'Pristine' iPhones have minimal signs of wear.  Any scuffs or scratches will be very faint and not noticeable during everyday use. You will have to look closely to see any marks.

Excellent (Grade B): 'Excellent' iPhones have light signs of wear which may include a few scuffs and scratches to the screen and/or housing. Scratches will not be deep and they will be limited to only a few areas on the phone.

Good (Grade C): Our 'Good' graded iPhones will have moderate signs of wear. This may include scuffs and scratches to the housing and screen. There are obvious signs of use.

Average (Grade C-): Officially a Grade C iPhone, we have recognised that there are heavier signs of wear than our usual 'Good' graded phones so have reclassified them to 'Average'.  They are still fully functional, thoroughly tested and professionally cleaned.  If you're just after a cheap fully functional phone then these are the ones to go for.